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The Theory of Double Creation
Reggie Baker on 04/18/2012

YOU are in charge!!
To create ANYTHING -- First create it in
your mind.

Example: You want to build your dream
house. Sit in a chair, close your eyes,
see what you want.
You know there's a bay window behind
you - you're sitting on the couch in
front of it, you know
the kitchen is straight across from you,
the door to the right leads down to the
family room,
the stairs farther right lead up to the
bedrooms and the stairs beside them go
down to the three car garage.
You KNOW where it all is.

Now, draw some pictures looking down at
it (the floor plan) with measurements on
Take your pictures to an architect - he
understands the stresses involved and
materials required
- he will draw you a set of blueprints.
Take the blueprints to a house builder,
the kitchen plans to a
cabinet maker, the color scheme to the
decorator. Let them do their work.

Come move in day, what are you moving
into?? YOUR dream house -- no one elses.

There are a few little things to do
before you build that house lol. Take a
look at your LIFE.
This one is more like planning a trip -
you know where you want to go -- so for
a trip you get out the map
and plot the way. With life, you have to
DRAW the map. Same story - imagine where
you want to go,
what you want to be, work backwards step
by step. What did you have to learn to
get to where you are??
(in your mind) Draw the map back to
today. When you get lost - refer to the
map. Life will put mountains,
lakes and sheer drop off cliffs in your
road. Refer to the map. Get back on
track. NEVER QUIT!! Winners never quit,
and quitters never win. 'n by the way -
you've been a winner since the very
moment of conception,
you just beat millions of other tadpoles
to that egg. GOOD LORD!! Dont quit now!!
(Doug Firebaugh)

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